Creating an ecosystem of online services for managing corporate fleets

Our team has been creating an ecosystem of products for corporate fleet management for more than 10 years.

We worked closely with one of our regular customers, Fleetcare management company.

As a result, it turned out to create the best product on the market, which is used daily by managers and employees of the largest companies.

The ecosystem of products for the management of corporate fleets includes

Each product fulfills its task and interacts with other products of the ecosystem
Leasing Calculator
An application for calculating lease payments for cars.
Back Office Portal
An application for the back office of a management company. It performs fleet management operations.
Portal for corporate users
An application for entering and managing fleets of corporate users.
Portal for drivers
An application with a simple interface for simple operations. It is intended for drivers of corporate fleets.
Online Car Auction
An application for the sale of decommissioned cars.
Payment Management
An application for managing payments between counterparties of the most complex fleet management process.
The results of the creation and implementation of the online service
  • +40%
    The efficiency of the management company has increased
    Employees have become more efficient by reducing routine operations. Now a huge amount of tasks and calculations are performed "under the hood" of the system.
  • +35%
    The number of applications processed has increased
    One of the most important KPIs of managers of a management company is the number of processed applications from car users (drivers).
    The result of careful work with automation and UX/UI
  • -37%
    The processing time for driver requests has decreased
    The time for processing driver requests was reduced by 37% due to the introduction of verification at the application stage.
2012 - 2022

The largest SaaS corporate fleet management service

The service solves the tasks of integrated fleet management of enterprises of any scale.

It serves dozens of corporate fleets of major global brands: GlaxoSmithKline, Atlas Copco, Viatris, Kone, Odontis, LG Electronics, Bausch Health, Procter & Gamble, Haleon, Chiesi Farmaceutici, JTI...

Service in numbers

  • 12000+
    Cars in service
  • 50+
    Corporate fleets
  • 6000+
    Service stations in the partner network
  • 90000+
    Processed requests for the year

Corporate users

What tasks does the Fleetcare online product solve?

For the fleet manager
Helps the fleet manager manage the fleet by automating routine operations:
  • recording at a service station
  • assigning cars to drivers
  • mileage
  • management fuel card
  • management penalty
  • management reporting on all operations
  • analytics
For the management company
Fully automates the business of the management company (CC).
It helps to easily manage corporate fleets with tens of thousands of cars and drivers.
For the driver
Simplifies the use of the car and reporting as much as possible:
  • An entry for THAT
  • Assistance in case of an accident
  • Entering mileage
  • Filling out itinerary sheets
  • Fuel accounting
  • Field tire service

The history of the service development

The main milestones of product development since 2012
Engineering of a leasing calculator
The beginning of the development of the Fleetcare IT system with automation of the leasing calculator, originally created in Excel
Engineering of the "register of operations" of the management company
Automation of business processes for processing maintenance requests from clients of the management company and interaction with the service station.
The accounting was carried out in an Excel file, in which the ceiling of the volume of stored data was reached.
Engineering of the "payment register" - payment management module
Automation of business processes of mutual settlements between the management company and contractors
Engineering of a "tire service" - a module for managing tire installation and storage (distributed warehouses) of wheels and tires
Automation of distributed warehouse accounting for the storage of wheels and tires of fleets.
The module fully automates the tire repair business processes of tens of thousands of cars.
Engineering of an "automobile auction" - an online auction for the sale of cars that are being decommissioned
Engineering of a full-fledged online auction for car auctions of outgoing corporate fleets.
Automation and transfer of business processes to a new IT product
The business of a management company is very complex, consisting of hundreds of business processes.

For several years, a phased transfer of business processes to the Fleetcare IT system has been carried out.
Implementation of an IT system in a management company
Along with the transfer of business processes to the IT system, their parallel implementation for employees was carried out.
Automated back office business processes
Back office:
  • registration and processing of incoming requests for maintenance from drivers
  • interaction with the service station: recording, check-in/check-out, accounting documentation, financial documentation.
  • organization of the work of a single call center
  • correction of accounting and full integration with 1c
Employees of the management company have completely switched to working with the product online
90% of the management company's business processes are performed online.
Online services for users have been launched
  • Drivers have the opportunity to make their own applications using the web version of the application
  • Fleet managers have received online access to the management and analytics of their companies' fleets
  • Company executives have access to analytics and reporting on fleet managers' activities
The Fleetcare IT system has become the core and core business of the management company
Now, any interactions between employees, customers, and drivers are performed using an IT system.
New business processes are immediately created and implemented as part of the IT system.
Development of the "Calculation" module for automation of mutual settlements with clients
The module automates calculations and the formation of accounting documentation for services provided by service stations and external contractors
Engineering of a new IT system platform
The number of Fleetcare fleets and users serviced has grown so significantly that scaling on the existing Monolith architecture platform has become difficult.
The development of a new platform and the transition to a micro-service (MSA) architecture has begun.
In parallel, features were implemented and the first version of the platform was supported.
Launch of the updated Fleetcare platform on the new architecture
The new platform has significantly higher performance and powerful scaling capabilities. Some of the services have been migrated to the micro-service architecture.

A full cycle of engineering of a fleet management service for a management company

  • Creation and support of all online services (websites, applications) of the management company
  • Automation of business processes: immersion in the company's business. The transition from accounting in Excel to online solutions on a modern platform
  • Integration of the fleet management service with the 1c accounting system, automation of information exchange for all accounting objects.
  • Migration from monolith to micro service architecture
  • Creating your own cloud server infrastructure
  • Integration of cloud telephony into the work of the back office, assistance in creating a call center

Technology stack

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Queue, Docker
Vue, Vuex, SCSS
Prototyping, UX/UI, interface design

Corporate identity, visual

for all internal products