Creation of an online store for a manufacturer of small architectural forms (SAF)

SAF objects are components of the urban environment: benches, deck chairs, urns, bike parks, pergolas. Everything that we often use on the streets, in city parks and recreation areas.
For the production of SAF, it is necessary to take into account dozens of different factors, the specifics of the location and use of objects.
The implementation of projects using SAF is a complex multi-stage process.

The SAF online store should provide convenient order acceptance, and the final estimate is calculated after agreeing on all the details of the project with representatives of the production.
Features of the SAF online store

A convenient showcase

The company's products are presented in various versions, because the products of the Neo Maf company are a designer.
Most products can be combined with each other and combined into a harmonious independent object of the urban environment.

The online store offers options with different options for each product. For example, a bench with and without armrests. And other options for choosing one product.

You can select the desired options and add them to the order.

Selection of products according to parameters

The products have many characteristics. For a convenient selection, it is possible to filter products in the catalog according to the necessary parameters.

The parameters are individual for each product and depend on the category. For example, there are some parameters for benches, and others for pergolas.

The ability to place orders without exact prices

To clarify the estimate, it is necessary to coordinate the details of the order with representatives of the production. Therefore, the classic addition of products to the cart and placing an order with an accurate indication of prices is not suitable in this case.
We made it possible to make an application without specifying the price.

The ability to scale

The range of Neo Maf products is constantly expanding, therefore, we have taken into account the possibility of scaling the online store.

It is possible to add new product categories, characteristics and parameters and, of course, an unlimited number of products.

Online marketing and lead collection

The collection of leads is carried out through several channels. One of which is a request form for a complete product catalog.

Technology stack

Backend and frontend
Tilda, Zero Block