The nuances of creating online products

What did the sites look like 20 years ago? Templates and layouts of zero sites.

What websites and online stores looked like in the period from 2003 to 2015

The IT world is changing every day. Using the examples of layouts and website templates that we have created for our clients, you can see how everything has changed in 20 years.

We show the site layouts in chronological order. From 2003 onwards.

Website of the auto tuning Award Tuning of the Year

The statuettes were cast in bronze.
With one wheel - to the winners of the Moto nomination. With two cars.
We show different layouts, which one was chosen by the winner - it will remain a secret.

Website of the X-Power car tuning studio

The pictures are of such poor quality, by modern standards, that even the text is hard to read.

Aspirin training kit website for Bayer HealthCare

The website of the inventor and manufacturer of aspirin is Bayer.
Educational and entertaining test training to test knowledge about the drug. Points were awarded for passing the test.
Approximately 2004.

The website of the distributor of Germany auto parts: VAG, etc.

Adobe Flash was still actively used back then. Animation was implemented in the working layout: a loader drove around the warehouse and loaded spare parts.

Website of the retail chain


Website of the Finnish logistics company Saimaa Lines


Website of the Printshop trading company


Website of the distributor of automobile spare parts Alfa-technologiya avtomotiv

approximately 2005.

Fast Computers Online Store

approximately 2005

Online store of lighting, electrical and sound equipment CityTraidHolding


Website of Technocom, a dealer of agricultural machinery spare parts


Yu-Com online store


GreenFresh Online Store

Please note that in 2006 it was difficult to imagine a website without traffic counters. Spylog, Liveinternet counters were popular.
They were usually placed at the bottom of the page and it was impossible to make them invisible.

Decoretto Online Store


Website of the scientific and production enterprise Motor


Fastlane company website


ElectroConsult (Saltec) company website


FM Capital's website